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Bathtub reglazing is a process that can make your bathtub appear as if it is brand-new. Our customers love this option because it costs only a small portion of the expense of replacement and you don’t have to be without your bathroom for longer than a day or two.

Bathtub reglazing has been around since the 1980s but became really popular in 2008 when it was used on several HGTV and DIY TV episodes for various home remodeling shows to highlight this maintenance procedure.

A bathtub re-glaze involves scraping or sanding away any old finish, applying new glaze with an acid-resisting primer (AR), then sealing over the top of both layers with another coat of AR sealer before buffering off excess material so that you can enjoy years more use out from your beloved bathing spots again!

bathtub reglazing Elmhurst IL

When Should Your Bathtub Be Reglazed?

Bathtubs are typically made from a variety of materials. Porcelain, acrylic and fiberglass tubs can all look great when they're first installed in new homes or renovated bathrooms. However over time the porcelain surface may start to show scratches which will make it difficult for you to enjoy your bathtub again without feeling embarrassed by its appearance. Fortunately there's an easy solution available that removes any unwanted wear and tear on these surfaces so you'll be able to have beautiful looking baths for years with just one single treatment: tub reglazing.

tub reglazing Elmhurst IL

3 Things To Know About Tub Reglazing

Color Choices

One of the least known facts about tub reglazing is that you have the freedom to choose from a host of fresh color palettes. If you have an ivory, maroon red or army green tub now, you’re not stuck with it. You can update to a fresh white or bold black; whatever your style.

Done In A Day

Most tubs can be reglazed in a single day. In fact, depending on the size of the tub and how many bathtubs are being resurfaced, we can usually get the work done in half a day, allowing the rest of the day to dry so you can have a working tub within 24-48 hours.


Repairing your bathtub is the most affordable way to restore it. It’s less expensive than laying a new lining over it or replacing the fixture altogether. What’s more, it lasts nearly as long as new materials because all bathtubs have a finish on them and are susceptible to the same wear.

tub reglazing Elmhurst IL
reglaze tub Elmhurst IL

What Else We Can Reglaze

Tubs aren’t the only bathroom fixture that can be reglazed. We are also highly skilled at:

  • Tile reglazing
  • Shower refinishing
  • Sink repair
  • Countertop resurfacing
  • Cabinet refinishing
reglaze tub Elmhurst IL

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