Bathtub Repair

Elmhurst, IL

Bathtubs are a staple of any home, but when they start to chip, peel or accumulate grime, it’s time to fix it. If you want an affordable, quick solution that will get the job done then our bathtub repair services are a great option.

Tub and tile resurfacing is a great way to make your bathroom look new again. It will take away all of those stains and discolorations that you've been trying to scrub off with household cleaners every day, as well as restoring any lost luster it had before they appeared. Here are a few things our tub and tile repair services can do:

  • Remove dirt, grime and mineral deposits
  • Sand down any chips or scratches
  • Fill in minor chips and dents
  • Even out the surface of the tub, tile, shower or sink
  • Restore the glossy shine on the surface
shower repair Elmhurst IL

Shower Repair

From tile shower surrounds to acrylic shower linings and fiberglass shower stalls, our technicians are fully trained and equipped to repair your shower. We can fix surface imperfections, change the color and reglaze the surface for an updated appearance.

tile repair Elmhurst IL

Tile Repair

Whether you want to update an aging color or fix surface blemishes, our tile repair services will allow you to keep your remodeling budget in check. Tile refinishing includes fixing issues such as scratches or peeling along with complete reglazing to bring back that new tile look. Tile resurfacing is a great way to improve the look of your bathroom.

sink repair Elmhurst IL

Sink Repair

If your porcelain sink is showing its age or has been beat up a bit from daily use, you don’t have to replace it. We can correct small chips and scratches and restore that glistening surface once again.

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Elmhurst Bathtub Refinishing Co.

Bathtub refinishing is highly affordable. Call us today to find out just how farther your bathroom remodeling budget goes when you refinish your tub, tile, sink or countertop.

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