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Countertop refinishing is a process that removes the old top layer of counter material and resurfaces it with new. This technique restores laminate, tile, porcelain and other solid surface materials to a new-like condition for an infinitesimal fraction of what demolition costs would be.

The benefits of countertop resurfacing are tremendous: you can avoid costly renovation expenses; reduce your carbon footprint by recycling materials instead of purchasing them new; and get your kitchen or bathroom functional again in just a few days. Plus, our team is skilled at refinishing countertops to look like granite or quartz, giving you the look of natural stone without the sizable investment.

We pride ourselves on being one of the best countertop resurfacing companies in DuPage county and are certain you’ll love the end result we deliver, regardless of whether you need kitchen counter resurfacing or bathroom vanity top refinishing.

countertop laminate resurfacing Elmhurst IL

Refinish Laminate Countertops

Our service includes countertop laminate resurfacing, which can transform the design of your kitchen or bath for a modest budget. Laminate resurfacing offers an economical option to update your kitchen. You can restore your existing laminate counters and make them as durable and scratch-resistant as granite countertops. Get a new look without any demolition or construction involved.

kitchen counter resurfacing Elmhurst IL

Refinish Formica Countertops

If you're tired of looking at your old, outdated countertops that don't match the color scheme in your home anymore, it's time to refurbish those Formica countertops! Refinishing Formica is a simple and fast way for homeowners to update their kitchen or bath. Using industrial grade acrylic coatings, a variety of paint colors and special flakes mixed in, we can create an astonishing design for you that often mimics the look of real stone.

resurfacing corian countertops Elmhurst IL

Resurfacing Corian Countertops

You don't have to replace your beautiful corian countertops when they start looking old or dull, instead you can turn to our Corian refinishing services. Say goodbye to small chips and scratches as well as dated designs. Refresh the entire look of your tops with a modern color and design that can easily pass as natural stone. With years of experience resurfacing Corian countertops in DuPage County, we’re confident we can deliver new-looking countertops at a price you’ll love.

resurfacing corian countertops Elmhurst IL
countertop resurfacing elmhurst il

Refinish Tile Countertop

Even your porcelain or ceramic tile countertops can be refinished; whether they reside in the kitchen or bathroom. Much like our traditional tile reglazing service, when we resurface tile countertops, we first fix surface blemishes, then sand down the top layers and finally coat every tile in a long-lasting finish.

Countertop Resurfacing

If you’re living with dated solid surface countertops that are still in good shape but definitely look like they’re from another decade, you might be able to modernize them with our countertop refinishing services. Our professional acrylic coating colors and textures create an unbelievably close resemblance to natural stone, such as sparkly black quartz.

Cabinet Resurfacing

Are your kitchen cabinets starting to show their age in style and color? Whether it’s an outdated wood stain or out of style paint color, contact us to find out if your cupboards can be restored rather than replaced with our high quality cabinet resurfacing process. We’ll sand them down then stain or repaint in a modern color that will transform the look of your kitchen at far less than the cost of replacement.

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Bathtub refinishing is highly affordable. Call us today to find out just how farther your bathroom remodeling budget goes when you refinish your tub, tile, sink or countertop.

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