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sink refinishing Elmhurst IL

Living with a grimey, dirty sink? Frustrated by the dated color of your bathroom sinks? Don’t rush to replace it because you can re enamel your sink for usually less than buying brand new. Plus, if you’re already planning to refinish your bathroom vanity top then it just makes sense to have us reglaze your sink at the same time.

 reglaze sink Elmhurst IL

How We Reglaze Sinks

  • Deep Cleaning: First we remove the dirt and mineral deposits to give it a thorough cleaning.
  • Repair: Next, we fill minor chips and scratches so the surface will be even when the job is done.
  • Sanding: We fully sand down the top layers to create that smooth surface.
  • Priming: We acid etch the top layer to ensure a full bond with the coating products for a long-lasting result.
  • Coating: We spray a commercial-grade glazing product to the top layer for a durable, glossy finish.
sink refinishing near me Elmhurst IL

Refinish Your Cast Iron Sink

Recently, homeowners have been looking into refinishing their cast iron sinks because it’s a high quality, durable material that doesn’t make sense to throw away just because it’s showing some age. Many cast iron sinks are coated in a glaze and this top layer is usually the element that gets worn over time. So, while the sink might look like it’s damaged, it’s actually the top coating that needs restoration while the main cast iron sink base is actually in great condition.

Cast iron sink restoration the process of fixing an old and worn out sink by sanding off and filling in any surface imperfections and then coating it with a new finish. We are experts at cast iron sink reglazing and can help you make the most of your existing fixture by bringing it back into tip top shape.

sink reglazing near me Elmhurst IL

Restore Your Porcelain Sink

In bathrooms, porcelain sink reglazing can be an essential part of restoring the entire room. This is an excellent service for both homeowners and property investors who want to save their existing fixtures, but repair them or change the color. Resurfacing porcelain sinks involves the same steps as traditional bathtub refinishing services.

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