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We know that there is nothing like coming home from work and feeling energized by walking into a clean, fresh looking bathroom. And no element in your bath makes more of an impact than the tile when it’s covering your floor, wall and shower surround. When your bathroom tiling becomes dated, dirty and worn, it brings down the ambiance of the whole room.

That’s where our tile restoration services come into play. No matter what size or space of a project you have going on at home, we can renew your bathroom to a place you look forward to relaxing in again.

We service Elmhurst Illinois and surrounding suburbs. Give us a call today if you need tile work done!

tile refinishing Elmhurst IL

What is Tile Reglazing?

Tile reglazing is a process that completely refreshes the tile surface by painting it with an acrylic sealer to make them look like new.. The original tiles can be saved, but they will require stripping before being re-glazed onsite. Once the upper layers have been stripped, repaired, sanded and primed for adhesion, the tile is ready for reglazing. A claylike liquid compound called glaze is applied onto each tile individually with an applicator brush to create a new finish in the color of your preference. The end result is typically a glossy or satin sheen.

In recent years, many homeowners have turned to tile reglazing as their go-to solution for fixing up old, dirty tiles and making them bright again without having the mess of removal or replacement, and all while saving hundreds of dollars over the cost of replacement.

Shower Tile Reglazing

Do you want to make your bathroom look like new? Have the shower tile redone with a fresh coat of paint. That is, commercial grade reglazing paint; which is far more durable and professional looking than the products you’ll find at the local hardware store. Our shower refinishing experts can handle all aspects of this process, from scraping away old finish to sanding the surface and sealing it all off with a proper coating so that dirt doesn't get trapped under the surface again.

shower tile refinishing Elmhurst IL

Tile Floor Refinishing

Tile floors are a great way to give your home that luxurious look. They're also very durable and will last for years, but when they get old or stained it's time to call in the professionals so you don't have any issues with them later on down the road. Tile refinishing services can make all of those troublesome tiles like new again.

floor tile refinishing Elmhurst IL

Wall Tile Refinishing

We offer quality services to those who need their wall tiles refreshed. We are committed to making your bathroom a source of pride again by restoring your wall tiling like-new in the color and textures of your choosing. Whether it’s the backsplash against your vanity or the floor to ceiling tile that covers an entire wall, we’re here to make it look fabulous again.

wall tile refinishing Elmhurst IL

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